2019 Reel Peach Festival Winning Films

1st Place - The Millennial (produced by the Fermentation Project)

2nd Place - Perfect Peach Pie (produced by Tyler Messervey & Noah Dorsey

3rd Place - Dinner in the Okanagan (produced by Stirling Peters

Fan Favorite - (life is like a) Box of Peaches (produced by Angela Case)




2019 Film Showings at Penticton Peach Festival 

Okanagan Lake Park 9pm



Wednesday Aug 7th                                       Thursday Aug 8th

The Millennial                                                             Okanagan Lifestyle

Just Create                                                                  Perfect Peach Pie

Ask Google                                                                 Training

Kala Vida                                                                    Exploring Abandoned Mines

Route 97                                                                     The Ripe Way

Area 27 opening                                                           The Bus

                                                                                  Laura Loves Peaches

                                                                                  Over the Central Okanagan

                                                                                  Epic Bus

                                                                                  Dragon Boat


Friday Aug 9th                                                   Saturday Aug 10th

Dinner in the Okanagan                                              Kleptomaniac

The Invasion                                                              illuminated

Box of Peaches                                                           CFUZ – Peach City Radio

Peach Burger                                                              iPhone Narcissist

Son of a Peach                                                           Rob & Lily

Going with the Flow                                                    Peach City Host City

Area 27 Rally                                                              Route 97

Peach Please


Sunday Aug 11th

Winning films *starts at 7:30pm




May 30, 2019

Media Release

Real Peach Film Festival Returns to Penticton Peach Festival August 7-11, 2019


Calling All Filmmakers


PENTICTON, BC  The 5th annual Reel Peach Festival takes place during the 72nd Penticton Peach Festival. The popular community event takes place August 7th to 11th at the Peter's Brothers main stage in Okanagan Lake Park. "Every year we're amazed by the talented filmmakers showcasing local stories, people and adventures," says Peach Festival President Don Kendall. "The films expand the entertainment value and diversity of our signature festival in Penticton."

This year the category and genre are OPEN. In past years there were two categories: Okanagan Experiences and Okanagan Liquid Libations.  Filmmakers can submit 1 to 3 minute short films on any subject in any genre; however films must be family friendly content. Bonus points will be given to films featuring stories and adventures from the Okanagan, or a concept deriving and/or containing a peach.


Prize Money:

1st $1,500.00
2nd $   750.00
3rd $   300.00
Fan Choice $   250.00 gift basket

In past years, there was no entertainment just prior to the main musical act taking the stage at Penticton Peach Festival. With the big screen available onsite, the Reel Peach Festival provides an opportunity to entertain and engage thousands of people in Okanagan Lake Park. "For a filmmaker to showcase their work in front of more than 5000 people is an exciting prospect," says Reel Peach Festival organizer Andrew Jakubeit. "Seeing a large audience reacting to your creation is an awesome and inspiring feeling. It is a chance to celebrate our region and see people, places and things that make us smile, laugh or instill a sense of pride" added Jakubeit. "You don't have to be in the film industry to create a short film about something you are passionate about".


The Reel Peach Festival is open to professionals and aspiring filmmakers. "There is a very vibrant and active arts community in our region and with today's technology; it is now easier than ever to create your epic masterpiece.  We encourage everyone to share their ideas, join their friends and create a film together", stated Jakubeit. Entry deadline is Sunday, August 4th at midnight. 

* Submissions to be family friendly: no nudity, swearing or excessive violence


2018 ReelPeachFest film festival winners

The 4th annual ReelPeachFest film festival concluded Sunday at the 71st annual Penticton Peach Festival with the screening of the judge's choice and fan favorite films for Okanagan Experiences or Okanagan Liquid Libations.  Producers submitted 1-3 minute short films with first prize walking away with a getaway to the Penticton Lakeside Resort plus $1000, 2nd prize $500, 3rd prize $250 and fan favorite received a gift basket from Castanet media valued at $300.

Okanagan Experience:

Fan Favorite – Okanagan 101 (produced by Nikki Love)

3rd place – Drums call to Dance (produced by Li Li)

2nd place – Kettle Valley Railway Train Robbery (produced by William Joshua Rowbottom)

1st place – iPhone Narcissist (produced by Kate Twa & Ronan Reinart)


Liquid Libations:

Fan Favorite – Meet Tony Holler (produced by Daphne Scromeda)

3rd Place – The View (produced by Jennifer Molgat)

2nd Place – Cannery Going with the Flow (produced by James Manke & Kim Lawton)

1st Place – Meet Tony Holler (produced by Daphne Scromeda)


Film makers can submit one to three minute film shorts in one of two categories:

Liquid Libations: any short film concerning Okanagan wine, craft beer, distillery, cider, or juice/soda.*

Okanagan Experience: any short film showcasing an Okanagan experience (such as Arts, Culture or Tourism).*
Bonus points if you feature undiscovered experiences off the beaten path in the South Okanagan or Penticton

* Submissions to be family friendly – TV commercial content (no nudity, swearing, explicit violence, etc)



2017 results

Picture Your Film on the Big Screen
Picture Your Film on the Big Screen